This oak bench is a strong, portable seat which will give you years if not
decades of service.  Built of 3/4" oak with wedged through tenons
holding the legs to the top and pins holding the rails in place to brace
the legs.  The splayed legs greatly reduce racking, keeping the joints
tight and strong.  No nails or screws are needed or used.  The bench
height encourages you to site comfortably upright.  

The bench design is based on several medieval examples, the most
direct being a 16th century example in the Victoria and Albert Museum
collection.  Several forms of decoration can be requested--quatrefoils,
such as shown above, trefoils, or other simple patterns, and they can
be put on the legs or the rails.

The benches are finished with boiled linseed oil.  Polyurethane is used
on the bottom of the feet  to reduce wicking when set on damp ground.  

Approximate  dimensions 21" x 19-1/2" x 11".  
Weight approx 15 lbs.  
(Dimensions may vary slightly due to available wood)

2008/9 Price:  $125

NOTE:  This bench does not break down into pieces.  As such, it is
extremely sturdy. This bench can be flipped over for packing, resting on
the seat.  The side rails and legs form a tray  for carrying loose or fragile