The Dantesca chair or "sedia del campo" (field chair) is a folding chair
made of sycamore and oak with a cloth seat .  The S-shaped legs are
over an inch thick and made of split-resistant sycamore.  Stout oak
arms and seat rails provide support as well as comfort.  The back can
be either cloth or a removable plank.  The cloth parts can be easily
removed and replaced when necessary.   

The design is based on 15th century Italian examples, but the basic
form dates back to ancient Rome as a folding stool.   During the Middle
Ages the "X" arms were stretched to form arm rests and support a back.
 They were intended for travelling or campaigns, so are perfect for your

The chairs are finished with boiled linseed oil.  You can paint the front
boss with your personal arms or other emblems, and paint or
embroider the back as desired.  The bottoms of the feet are finished
with polyurethane to reduce wicking when set on damp ground.  

Overall dimensions 31" x 24" x 18" (solid back slightly larger).  
Folded:  36" long x 12"  high x 18" wide (7" high if the bosses are
removed, solid back slightly larger)
Weight approx 16 lbs.  

2008/9 Price:  $225
Substitute a Leather Seat (and, if desired, back):  Add $50