Although not medieval, these portable shelves provide secure,
period-looking storage space easily reached and safely off of the
ground.   Made of 1-1/4"  and 3/4" lumber and constructed with solid
mortise & tenon joints, they are sturdy and light.  The shelves come
ready for you to paint in your personal colors.

The top and bottom shelves fasten into place with cam locks to make
the whole structure a single unit.  There are no bolts to fasten, no
wedges to lose.  For transport and storage, the shelves slide inside the

Assembled, the shelves are 42" tall, 42" long, and 14" front to back.  
Packed down, there are two units, each 42" long, 14" wide, and 3-1/4"

2008/9 Price:  $150