About Our Business
Medieval Oak is owned Kirk and Maria Poore of O'Fallon, Illinois, about
15 miles east of St Louis.  Kirk became interested in medieval
woodworking as part of his activities in the Society for Creative
Anachronism (SCA) in the late 1980's.  Starting with a small selection of
hand tools, he started making boxes and furniture using medieval
designs and techniques.  Lacking the usual medieval collection of
apprentices, Kirk began acquiring power tools to assist with the more
drudging parts of medieval woodwork, such as thickness planing and
ripping boards.  This led to an interest into vintage 20th Century
American woodworking machines.  His shop is now outfitted with over
4,000 lbs of cast iron machinery.  Maria has both encouraged Kirk's
activities and served as a sanity checker on his wilder ideas.   

Within the SCA, Kirk is Kirk Fitzdavid, Master of the Laurel, Pelican, and
Knight of the Society.  He joined the SCA in 1985 while living in the
Shire of Lonely Tower in Calontir, accepted the USAF's invitation to
make a year long visit to the Barony of the Far West in the Kingdom of
the West (stationed at Osan, Korea), then wound up near the Barony of
Three Rivers (St Louis) where he met and married Maria.

Within the SCA, Maria is Thyri Haraldsdottir, Mistress of the Pelican.  
She joined the SCA in 1986 in St Louis, where she has since spent her
time on heraldry, costuming, and making the trains run on time,
particularly with the War of the Lilies.
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