Our Products

At this time, we have two items available:  Oak benches decorated with
Gothic tracery, and six-board chests which you can paint in your own
design.  We're also developing new products, such as a medieval-style
wheelbarrow.  We intend to offer even more variety in the future.

The furniture is constructed from solid oak planks--no plywood, particle
board, or other man-made sheet goods are used.  The finish is usually
boiled linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant and is readily
available from any hardware store.  This creates excellent looking
surface which protects the wood.  It can get damp occasionally without
permanent damage, and can be wiped clean.  If the surface is
scratched, simply sand or scrape away the scratch and apply a few
more coats of oil.  Although the finish protects, do not leave the furniture
out in the rain--the finish is not waterproof.  Repeated or prolonged
soaking will damage the item.
Items Available Now
Gothic Benches
Based on a 16th century design,
these oak benches are a
beautiful addition to you living
room and campsite.   
Six-Board Chests
A sturdy chest  for both storage
and seating.  The wide flat
panels oak give you plenty of
room to paint your own designs.
More information.
Medieval Wheelbarrow
This light but strong
wheelbarrow is perfect for
moving gear from car to
campsite and campsite to
tourney field.  
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Table Trestles
Lightweight but very sturdy pair
of trestles which can hold a
heavy table yet break down into  
easily packed parts.   
Portable Shelves:
These simple but durable shelves
break down into two easily
stacked sections for transporting.  
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Dantesca Chairs
The Dantesca or "Sedia del
Campo" folding chair based on
15th century examples is very
comfortable and easily portable.

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