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We build robust reproduction furniture for both home and recreational
use.  We aim for designs which give the best mix of authenticity and
practicality, allowing full-time use at home, easy transport, and great
addition to your camp.  
Items Available Now
Dantesca Chairs
The Dantesca or "Sedia del
Campo" folding chair based on
15th century examples is very
comfortable and easily portable.

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Gothic Benches
Based on a 16th century design,
these oak benches are a
beautiful addition to you living
room and campsite.   
Six-Board Chests
A sturdy chest which acts both
for storage and seating.  The
wide flat oak panels give you
plenty of room to paint your own
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Table Trestles
Lightweight but very sturdy pair
of trestles which can hold a
heavy table yet break down into  
easily packed parts.   
Wooden Wheelbarrow
This sturdy wheelbarrow makes
light work of heavy loads.  Breaks
down into two sections for easy
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To Purchase:
We don't handle Internet orders at this time.  Please contact us directly,
or see our products in person at SCA events in Calontir.
Portable Shelves:
These simple but durable shelves
break down into two easily
stacked sections for transporting.  
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